ArtCentrica Platform for National Geographic Society

With the National Geographic Society, Centrica designed and developed The Greatest Wildlife Photographs – ArtCentrica NGS; a virtual and interactive platform which allows us to present, in a new way, photographs that made National Geographic famous in the world.

The project has had a long development, and was started following ArtCentrica being awarded with the special track That’s Geography by National Geographic, during GESAwards 2020.

This online experience has been created using the ArtCentrica Platform, our software platform on which the ArtCentrica service is based, addressed to the global educational sector.




With this innovative digital tool, students of all ages can learn details about the Earth, through the greatest photographers’ best photos, which are accessible by choosing the belonging category, from points on the interactive map (powered by Esri) where the photos were taken, and by choosing the author.

Images can be explored in every detail and through the “Learn More” function, based on the area of the photo you are viewing. Other photos and correlated videos are also suggested. Moreover, thanks to customized lessons and interactive features, anyone can discover their level of empathy with photographersanimals and Nature. And share the results on social media!

This online experience follows the opening of “The Greatest Wildlife Photographs” exhibition, at National Museum of Wildlife Art in JacksonWyoming, that will remain open until April 242022. It’s accessible at: 

The perfect occasion to celebrate Geography Awareness Week, launched by National Geographic in the third week of November. The initiative that for over 25 years has been dedicated to geography awareness.




We would like to thank the National Geographic, for giving us the opportunity to take part in such an important and growing project. In particular: Kathryn KeaneVPPublic Experiences and Director of the National Geographic Museum; with her we had the pleasure of work and discuss during the entire creative and development process.