Investor AllStar 2019 Digital Innovations in Art

GP Bullhound is a leading technology and investment consulting company, which provides transaction and capital advice to entrepreneurs and founders of the world. 

GP Bullhound organized the Investor Allstar contest where Centrica, in 2019, reached the final with VirtuItaly.

The project was Digital Innovation in Art and aimed to teach people to understand art without the physical reproduction of art.

Centrica’s technologies, from immersive spaces to interactive apps, are designed to offer an edutainment experience, which will be extended in the future to AR/VR apps powered by AI. The company started with Renaissance works of art, because it is based in Florence and because that historical period was important for all human beings. In these years the world is facing great changes in economy, science and society, as in the Renaissance.

The awakening of the intellect and individuality of the human being is something that Centrica want to see in the visitors, during the exhibitions.

CES 2021


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is the creator of CES 2021 (, a digital experience connecting exhibitors, customers, thought leaders and media from around the world.
The new format allows participants listening to technology innovators, knowing cutting-edge technologies and latest product launches, interacting with global brands and international startups.
Our startup VirtuItaly has been selected by Italian Trade Agency to bring Italian innovation in art&creativity at CES 2021.